Newenden Associates

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"I just want it to work…"

It's a perfectly reasonable thing to ask. We've been told this many times, by business owners with systems that - even if well designed and implemented - are not adequately supported.

Proper support underpins not only your IT systems but also your staff, and for that reason it's one of the key ways we can add value to your business. Your staff are a valuable but expensive resource, and the cost of their being unable to work "because the system's down" can become very high in a very short time. Properly supported, you and your staff can operate your IT systems more productively, and the systems will also be up and working reliably for you to use.

Support falls into two broad areas - User and System.

The services we offer are described in detail on this website, but if you’d like to speak to us directly please call us on 01622 620800.